7 Beautiful Reasons To Stay In Worcestershire

7 Beautiful Reasons to Stay in Worcestershire

7 Reasons To Stay In Worcestershire

Worcestershire is well known for it’s rolling countryside & plentiful orchards but here’s 7 more beautiful photos that will tempt you to visit again and maybe explore a little further and enjoy a few things that you may have missed on the last visit !


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The Malvern Hills are designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and pictures like this one above will show you why – with panoramic views and walks for all abilities plus so many activities that the hills attract from the humble kite to Paragliding from one of the pinnacles if you plan to Visit Worcestershire, then the Malvern Hills are on the top of the list of must visits!


Asparagus is grown in little pockets all across Worcestershire and comes to brighten up our plates from February to June, peaking in the month of April. There’s fields and fields of it close to us here at Coach House Country Stays, just a few minutes drive and in a really pretty location you wouldn’t otherwise know existed!

Join us in October and get to taste the freshly pressed juice from the juiciest fruits from the across the County at one of the local Applefests, see the old way of pressing and get involved. Or of course take a wander across the road to the local pub and try the fermented version!


Fladbury Village on the River Avon has a beautiful Watermill and lovely country village to wander around and of course a great name!


The Cotswolds Lavender Fields at Snowshill, still in Worcestershire, are something to really look forward to and plan to visit during the short window of opportunity in the month of June. Try lavender brownies in the cafe and stroll through the scented fields.


Broadway Tower overlooking the gorgeous Village of Broadway needs to be on the plan for the next time you decide to Stay in Worcestershire, an exhilarating walk with gorgeous views, deer and then inside the Tower too. Check opening times if you’re set on going inside to avoid disappointment, it can close if the weather isn’t great.


Witley Court is less than 10 minutes drive from The Bothy with Stayable, or around 20 minutes from our Worcester Properties it’s truly one of the most beautiful ruins and with the incredible fountains now restored and firing throughout Spring and Summer it’s a real step back in time.

There’s so many beautiful places to enjoy when you Stay in Worcestershire, ask us about your stay today!

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