The Truth About English Wine…..

The Truth About English Wine

English Wine and Worcestershire Vineyards


In a small village at the foot of The Malvern Hills, in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, just a stone’s throw away from your accommodation in Worcester sits a vineyard. Beautifully tended, the rows of vines sit majestically under the protection of the inspirational countryside and hills beyond.


The UK weather is known to be slightly doolally, but the vines at Lovells defy our preconceptions about growing fruit in the UK.



They stand and deliver year after year and although the owners, Cathie Rolinson and her husband John, will have had their fair share of ups and downs creating this wonderful vineyard, the vines, to me look like they’ve never once put a foot (or grape!) wrong. Nor do they look like they’d ever consider not producing fantastic fruit after the obvious dedication they have received.

The first 900 vines went down in 2010 and the hard work, dedication and a bit of luck have paid off- 2012 saw the production of a sparkling rose and 2013 was onwards and upwards with a bumper crop and the beginnings of the production of 3,000 bottles of their first English still wine.

This great start, coupled with their joining forces with a local, more mature vineyard, Tiltridge, has gone onto add something distinct that you don’t get in an ordinary supermarket bottle.

The tour of the immaculate grounds, seeing the vineyard in it’s beautiful surroundings and hearing Cathie & John’s story will inspire you to champion theirs and all English wines. And the proof is of course in the pudding and what vineyard tour would be complete without a little tasting? ‘Try and stop us sharing them with you’ Cathie’s enthusiasm for what they’ve created is obvious and infectious.


Clean, crisp and fruity, you can see the wines on offer the Lovells website or enjoy with a meal at some of the fine local restaurants that offer the Lovells wines to compliment their meals.


So, what is the truth about English wines? And our own Malvern grown wines?


Truth is they’re created with dedication and hard work, they win against the forces of our doolally weather, they prove the UK’s ability to produce quality wines; fighting preconceptions that only warmer climes produce excellence.


The truth about English Wine is that it’s able to give any other wine in its category a run for its money, and can truly hold its own as some of the best available. It can sit comfortably in a top class restaurant, and regularly does. It’s stylish, beautifully cared for and nurtured from the moment the root touches the soil.


The truth is UK wines are excellent and with families such as the Rolinsons at the healm, they’re here to stay.



Enjoy a visit to Lovells as part of your stay at your accommodation at Worcester, inquire now to start your journey!


Written by: Elaine Watt
Copyright: Stayable

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