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Hmmmm, that’s exactly what we said!

When we first visited our house, The Coach House, with a view to moving here with our family and were told about ‘The Bothy’ in the Victorian walled garden behind the house, we didn’t really know what it meant.


Stay in The Bothy in Worcestershire

Then we continued with the viewing and were shown to a very sweet looking little place just as they said; through a door in the wall of the Victorian Walled Garden. Sweet looking, but in need of a lot of tlc! It was being used for storing allsorts of garden equipment by the last owners but we knew we could do something special with a space like that, no matter how sorry it was looking for itself at the time we first saw it!


The World Dictionary Definition is:

bothy [both-ee, baw-thee]

noun, plural bothies. Scot.

1. a hut or small cottage.

Origin: Scots Gaelic

The British Dictionary Definitions are:

noun (mainly Scot) ( pl) bothies

1. a cottage or hut

2. (esp in NE Scotland) a farmworker’s summer quarters

3. a mountain shelter


After reading a little more, the Scottish origin is that of a small hut or cottage that may have been placed across the highlands as a shelter for anyone travelling that rough terrain to shelter in from the weather should it take a turn for the worse, or to bed down in overnight on a long journey.


In our case, The Bothy was the gardeners quarters. Not just in summer, but all year round.


The Bothy sits in the gardens of the Coach House, which sits in the grounds of The Noak. The large manor house you pass as you drive up to stay with us.

The Coach House housed the horses and carriages for the gentry of The Noak. The gardens of The Coach House were the kitchen gardens where all the produce for the main house was grown. The gardener who tended the gardens, who took on the integral role of tending and producing many different fruits and vegetables, lived in The Bothy.


But whatever The Bothy Worcestershire was, it’s now a beautiful haven for two. It’s here for your to enjoy with your loved one, relax, unwind and get away from it all, in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside. The


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