7 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Worcester Cathedral

As if we needed any more excuses here’s 7 Beautiful Reasons to

Visit Worcester Cathedral….



7 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Worcester Cathedral

Worcester Cathedral is quite possibly the most interesting of all of the cathedrals in England, especially architecturally. Founded in 680, Saint Oswald then went on to build another cathedral in 983, and established a monastery attached to it. Saint Wulfstan, who rebuilt the cathedral in 1084, began the present building. During Anglo-Saxon times, Worcester was one of the most important monastic cathedrals in the country. It was a centre of learning, subjects such as theology, medicine, law, history, mathematics, physics, and astronomy were known to have been studied here and some of the medieval university textbooks still survive in the cathedral library today.

The monastery continued until 1540 when Henry VIII dissolved it, and some of the last monks became the first Dean and Chapter. The cathedral was badly damaged in the civil wars, and as a consequence a major programme of rebuilding was required after the Restoration of Charles II. From the late seventeenth until the nineteenth centuries there were several campaigns to restore parts of the cathedral, but the Victorians from 1864-75 carried out the largest of these.


Today’s Cathedral is testament to it’s history and is marked in time for always as the place the Magna Carta was born.


Beautiful and peaceful, positioned on the banks of the River Severn, its position is just one of the reasons to visit Worcester Cathedral.

1, Its stunning location on the River Severn allows you to enjoy a wander along the river banks and enjoy views from different angles


2, At night Worcester Cathedral is lit up beautifully

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3, The stained glass windows that tell a story as well as add such an architecturally spectacular view


4, unfathomably high vaulted ceilings steeped in intricate design

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5, The different times of day and seasons seem to change the colour and feel of the building


6, layer upon layer of intricate stonework


7, this incredibly detailed artwork on a ceiling so high it’s hard to imagine how it was done so far in history

Love, love, love the vaulted ceilings of Worcestershire Cathedral.

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