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A collection of apartments & Suites in Worcestershire & The Cotswolds, areas renowned for their picturesque villages, delightful pace of life and unrivaled rolling countryside. Or for a busier stay one of our Sheffield City pads will be right up your street

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Enjoy an unhurried, relaxing break, knowing we’ve put in the groundwork, selecting only the homes we know will provide the experience you’re looking for. Each property is carefully chosen for Beauty, Comfort, Style and Service. In other words – We want you to have the best stay, whichever area you’re in.

Quality Short Term Accommodation in Worcester & Sheffield

Thank you so much for stopping by, I’m Elaine founder of Stayable apartments, let me share a little about us with you! We as a family live right in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside, on the edge of The Cotswolds, and have been enjoying the whole area for several years now, after moving from Sheffield. There’s just so much to see and enjoy!

Trying out holiday homes in the area is absolutely the only way we stay, with four children aging from 5 to 16 years, it’s the most practical, best value, and flexible for us! Having created many happy memories as a family in these areas, Stayable.Online was established to give others a chance to experience these very special areas of England

Oh, and not forgetting my slight obsession with holiday homes and creating a beautiful haven for us guests to stay, I also host the top ranked business and marketing podcast “Holiday Let Success” so determined am I to ensure this way of traveling is here to stay

We can’t wait to welcome you to stay – contact me direct with any questions¬†